St. Francis of Assisi 8×10


This is a depiction of Saint Francis of Assisi.  Brilliant reds and yellows represent the fire of the Holy Spirit housed within St. Francis.  Feast day October 4th. 

Click here for 18×24 size 



8×10 print on 3/16″ hard foam board providing for a most beautiful display method.  Ideal for Art in indoor spaces  this is one of the strongest and most versatile printing styles.  Giving it more strength than other forms of printing. It resists denting, bending, crushing, and is travel friendly.

Art on hard foam board allows you display the artwork without the cost of an expensive frame,  although it can still be framed.  Likewise, your prints are protected, the quality and colors intact for a lifetime. Perfect for every room in the house, your Church,  and makes great gifts!