Artist Statement

This is an example of art in its purest form.  As I have had no formal training in art.  The results you see here are the fruits of my labor that began with a simple desire to do more for the good Lord.

After Attending daily mass for close to five years I felt inwardly that God was asking more of me.    In my own mind I thought this meant donating time to the local soup kitchen.  However years later after a  long personal journey with The Blessed Mother, Jesus, and many Saints; in which it resulted very moving, unique, beautiful expressions of Heaven shown in the visual arts.

Thank you and enjoy,

Jace Prather Catholic Artist

   Second Council of Nicaea

    Decree on Holy Images (787)

“so also the venerable and holy images, as well in painting and mosaic as of other fit materials, should be set forth in the holy churches of God, and on the sacred vessels and on the vestments and on hangings and in pictures both in houses and by the wayside, to wit, the figure of our Lord God and Savior Jesus Christ, of our spotless Lady, the Mother of God, of the honorable Angels, of all Saints and of all pious people. For by so much more frequently as they are seen in artistic representation, by so much more readily are men lifted up to the memory of their prototypes, and to a longing after them; and to these should be given due salutation and honorable reverence, not indeed that true worship of faith which pertains alone to the divine nature; but to these, as to the figure of the precious and life-giving Cross and to the Book of the Gospels and to the other holy objects, incense and lights may be offered according to ancient pious custom. For the honor which is paid to the image passes on to that which the image represents, and he who reveres the image reveres in it the subject represented.”